Bilgi işlem


Besides the daily IT operations, all organizations need to implement new systems and services frequently, so those additional system and services are to be implemented in very tight schedules. With the limited inhouse IT headcounts, organizations face challenges, this is where assista experts take part in the game and cooperate with cutomers own IT team to install, re-install, tune-up performance, apply service packs, upgrade OS and app to upto date versions and so.

Installation and provisioning services delivered to customers who goes through new office start-up projects, branch office IT infrastructure implementations as well as cutomers` current IT datacenters and end-points.

Installation and provisioning services delivered by our Professional Services and Support Services team mainly focus on the following areas:

Server and data storage infrastructures installation services.

Network design and appliaction.

Disaster Recovery site operations.

Virtualization technologies and consolidation.