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Organizations are to act proactively and are to shift their focus from daily operations to innovative and creative approaches in their primary business areas. Trying to keep the lights on which  used to be regarded the sole job IT departments creates no innovation and reduce the value can be get out from IT infrastructures.

To enable our customers to overcome those difficulties our IT advisory team closely cooperates and collaborates with customers IT and business management. Assess the company`s infrastructure and listen to the business managers to find out where they want to go. And creates the best possible scenarios working deeply on best alternative models while providing TCO and ROI analysis, and spot short-term, mid-term and long-term projections.

Not all organizations are the same, nor the way IT can get utilized. For us, there is no shortcut or copy-paste model for businesses. So we put lot of energy to create the best modelling for the specific business need for each individual organization. And this process starts from the networking layer, including finding the best DataCenter upto ERP  and/or CRM applications which suits the organization best.

We provide these services aligned to customers` global IT initiatives and ITIL principles ;

·         IT budget planning and advisory

·         Business processes and SOP preparations and application advisory

·         Cooperation with customers IT and business management for planning and applications.

·         Test and workshop services

We aim at shifting IT focus from daily IT maintenance to innovation and efficiency.